Log Module
#log.getFilename string log.getFilename()

Returns the filename (including full path) of the file we are logging to.

#log.add log.add(string msg)

Adds 'msg' into our log file. This includes timestamp prefix, but not newline.

Unless you intend to use log.addRaw() to append additional information to this line, be sure to include a newline (\n) at the end of your message.

log.add("Testing\n");-- Adds the following (with correct date-time) to your log file: 2018-09-17 18:01:55 : Testing
#log.addRaw log.addRaw(string msg)

Adds 'msg' into our log file. This differs from log.add() as it does not include the timestamp.

#log.isOpen boolean log.isOpen()

If a log was successfully opened for writing, returns true. If some error prevented the log from being opened, returns false.

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