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MicroMacro 2.x Online Manual

The MicroMacro 2 branch is currently under development and is subject to change.

Basic Info How things work, configuration options, and other fun stuff.
Tutorials & Examples Everything you'll want to know to get started writing your own script.
Events The different events that can be triggered.
Audio Module Load and play sounds with OpenAL.
Class Module Create classes with support for object inheritance.
Cli Module For interfacing with the console.
Clipper Module Polygon clipping, merging, simplifying, and more.
Filesystem Module Functions for dealing with files and directories.
Gamepad Module Read input from gamepads and joysticks.
Global Addon Misc functions in global scope.
Hash Module Functions for 1-way hashing strings and files.
Key Module A table containing virtual key codes for use with keyboard and mouse related functions.
Keyboard Module Read keyboard input or send synthetic key presses.
Log Module Functions for interfacing with the global log file.
Macro Module The base module; controls the execution of your scripts.
Math Addon Additional math functions.
Mouse Module Read mouse input or send synthetic button presses & movement.
Ncurses Module Create Ncurses windows and display text in an advanced way.
Network Module Communicate with overs over standard network sockets
Process Module Interface with other processes & their allocated memory.
Serial Module Communicate over serial (COM) ports
SQL Module Query SQL relational databases.
String Addon Additional functions for working with text strings.
System Module Interfacing with the operating system.
Table Addon Additional functions for working with tables.
Time Module Anything dealing with timing & time values.
Window Module Interface with other windows.
Cache Library For caching simple key/value pairs
HTTPD Library Run a mini-webserver and use your web browser to interface with your scripts
Neural Network Library Simple, open-ended machine learning
Timestamp Class A library to aid in dealing with time values
Timezone Class A library used to lookup timezone offsets

MicroMacro 1.x Online Manual

Mouse Control Functions to control mouse movement and clicks
Keyboard Control Functions to control keyboard key presses and releases
Process Functions Functions to open, close, and find processes
Memory Functions Functions for reading and writing of memory
Network Functions Functions for sending and receiving data over TCP/IP
Filesystem Functions Functions for working with files and directories
Timer Functions Timer-related functions
Misc. Functions Misc. functions
Sound Functions Functions for loading and playing sounds
Library Various library information
Modules Information about the standard modules, and how to create your own.
Virtual Keys For use with keyboard related functions

Additional Information