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See also: Classes


class[class baseclass])

Create a new class. If baseclass is given, creates a child of it, and set the 'parent' variable to its base.

This will not call the constructor. That is what the __call operator on the returned class is for: to create an instance of the class.


vector3d class.vector3d([number x, number y, number z])

Create a new table (class) of vector3d. If x, y and z are given, the new vector3d retains the given values.

The vector3d class contains metamethods for operations such as vector scaling and dot product.

See also: Vector3d Class


boolean class.is_a(class baseclass)

Checks if this class is an instance of of child of the given base class. Returns true if so, otherwise false.


-- Dog should be a child of Animal
Animal =;
Dog = Animal();

-- Banana should be a child of fruit
Fruit =;
Banana = Fruit();

print("Dog is an Animal?", Dog:is_a(Animal)); -- Should be true
print("Banana is a Fruit?", Banana:is_a(Fruit)); -- Should be true
print("Banana is an Animal?", Banana:is_a(Animal)); -- Should be false