RoM Bot is the original bot for Runes of Magic, extending back during closed beta. It is fully open source, Lua powered, and very configurable. It even comes with an auto-update script so you do not have to download a new version every time the game has a patch.

This bot is mainly used for "grinding" or harvesting, but can be used to do just about anything you are willing to put the time into doing. Advanced profiles and scripts are available to allow this bot to run as an auto-combat or assist bot.

You must download and extract MicroMacro first. RoM-Bot is only compatible with the 1.0x branch. Follow the instructions here to set up RoM Bot.


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Old packages

Uploaded Type File Version Size SHA1
2014-12-26 17:54:37 stable 3.29 255kb 661a85e9c578927ae59fea203788657b96d31567


RoMBot is available in current (read: "unstable" or "experimental") form via Git & SVN. The latest revision should be working with the current game version for US and Germany. If you do not play on US/DE servers, you may need to use an older revision. Additionally, some of the changes made available on Git/SVN may be considered experimental and there may be a few bugs to work out. If you find any, please file an issue or post on the forums so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

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