RoM Troubleshooting

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Debugging options[edit]

There are some special profile options to print out some debugging messages. Please enter that options in your profile e.g.:

<option name="DEBUG_TARGET"		value="true" />
DEBUG_TARGET Print out some targeting informations.
DEBUG_LOOT Print out messages why we don't loot.
DEBUG_INV Printout messages about the inventory update process.
DEBUG_HARVEST Print out some messages about the harvesting process.

Debugging Inventory Issues[edit]

You can set the option

<option name="DEBUG_INV"		value="true" />

to get debuging informations about the inventory update process. Main reason for update errors is a not proper working MACRO hotekey. That could be caused by a corruped macro file.

Solution for a corrupt macro file: Close the games client. Delete the macro file 'Macro.bsd' at 'My Documents\Runes of Magic\<charname>'. Restart the game and the bot again and configure a new empty macro as described here.

Debugging Skill Use Issues[edit]

There are a lot of possible reasons if a skill will not used as you estimate. Mostly it's the misuse of options in the skills section within the profile. You can activate debugging messages to see the skill use checks. You have to set that option in the <onLoad> event.


      settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.ENABLE = true;

If you enable that option, you will be spammed with a lot of messages. You can deactivate every type of message by using the following options (one 'false' setting for every type of message).
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.TIMEGAP = true;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.ONCOOLDOWN = false;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.HPLOW = false;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.MAXHPPER = false;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.ONLYFRIENDLY = false;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.ONLYINBATTLE = false;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.NOTINBATTLE = false;
settings.profile.options.DEBUG_SKILLUSE.TARGETNOENEMY = false;