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1. Healing With Potions[edit]

You define in your profile *charname*.xml a 'using potion' level under the options. If your health points are below that level, the bot will use the potions hotkey to consume a potion.

    <option name="HP_LOW_POTION" value="30" />
Define the hotkey of the action button, on which your potions are in the hotkeys section:
    <hotkey name="HP_POTION" key="VK_H" modifier="" />

2. Healing With Common Healing Casts[edit]

You define a low health point level in your profile. If you are below that HP level, the bot will cast all healing cast in your profile, that don't have any restrictions. Be carefull. If you define more than one common healing cast in your profile, the bot will cast all of them, as long as you are under the defined level. Don't forget to check the 'selfcast' option ingame!

If your character has a dot healing cast, like priests 'regenerate' it is recommended to define the low HP level very high, so you cast the regenerate very early in the fight.

<option name="HP_LOW" value ="95" />
in your *charname*.xml to cast regenerate, if you are below 95% HP and define the skill in the skill section:
<skill name="PRIEST_REGENERATE" hotkey ="VK_4" modifier="" />
also in your *charname*.xml file.

And check the option 'selfcast' in the interface options ingame.

3. Healing Casts With Restrictions[edit]

You can also define healing casts dependent of your HP level and dependent of your combat flag. There are two options for your skills. You define them also in your *charname*xml profile.:

hpper Your HP value in percent. The skill will only be used, if your health points in percent are below that level.
inbattle The skill will only be used, if your are in combat or if you are not in combat (true|false).

Example: As an priest, you could define a HP value, below that you use 'holy aura' and 'healing casts' to fill up our health points. And you could define a second limit, below that you use 'Soul Source' to fill up the HP at once.

How to do: You have to add that options to your skills in your profile:

<skill name="PRIEST_HOLY_AURA" hotkey="VK_R" priority="109"  inbattle="true" hpper="15" />
<skill name="PRIEST_URGENT_HEAL" hotkey="VK_2" priority="105" hpper="15"  />
If our HP value falls under 15%, the bot will use 'holy aura' to protect you for 5 sec against all damage (if not on cooldown) and cast urgent healing to fill up the health points.
<skill name="PRIEST_SOUL_SOURCE" hotkey="VK_Z" priority="110"  inbattle="true" hpper="10" />
If our HP value falls under 10%, the bot will use 'Soul Source' to fill up the HP with one cast. Since that cast has a cooldown from 5 min, it is not usefull to waste it out of combat. So we use the 'inbattle' flag to prevent that.

4. Emergency healing in the '<onSkillCast>' event[edit]

The skill from the skill list in the profile are used in 'rounds'. That means in every casting round, the bot checks the whole skill list and will cast all valid skills. That's not the very best solution for emergency skill. Because sometimes it could least a view seconds to long, until the emergency healing skill is on the turn.

What you could do, is to check your HP after every cast, and if HP are below a given level, cast your emergency skills independently from the skill list. For doing that, you have to define that skills within the <onSkillCast> event in your profile:
	if( 15 > player.HP/player.MaxHP*100 ) then
	elseif( 24 > player.HP/player.MaxHP*100 ) then
In that example we will cast 'PRIEST_HOLY_AURA' if we are below 24% HP and then two times 'PRIEST_URGENT_HEAL' to fill up our HP bar. If we are below 15% healthpoints we will use 'PRIEST_SOUL_SOURCE'. You have to define that cast in your skill list. Simply because we need a hotkey for the skill. If you don't want to use the skill within a casting round in the skill list, then add the option 'autouse="false"':
        <skill name="PRIEST_SOUL_SOURCE"      hotkey="VK_Z" priority="110" inbattle="true" autouse="false" />
        <skill name="PRIEST_HOLY_AURA"        hotkey="VK_R" priority="100" inbattle="true" autouse="false" />


Can I use the bot to heal other players/bots?[edit]

Not really, since there are no functions in the bot to monitor the HP of other players and to target them. What you could do, is to cast a spell after a defined time period independent from the HP level and independet if the player is reachable or not.You have to define ingame a macro that target the player and use the defined cast. In the bot you change/copy that skill in the skills.xml and define that skill as a self buff with a cooldown period. Now the bot will use that skill every xx seconds. Use the ingame follow function to follow the other player.

Edit: Outdated. There is a function for a group dps and group heal bot in the bot integrated.