How to open multiple instance of ASDA story ?

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How to open multiple instance of ASDA story ?

#1 Post by Nobe_Alert » Wed Dec 08, 2021 1:37 pm

hello :D , recently i landed on private server of ASDA STORY but i want to open multiple Accounts and use bots but not happening,

I have Tried :

1- opening it with different user :mrgreen:
2- used sandboxie software ( giving me error to unload memory or something but every other application is working excep this game ) :geek:

could anyone help me :(

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Re: How to open multiple instance of ASDA story ?

#2 Post by Administrator » Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:54 pm

Have you tried running in a VM?

If you're using Windows 10/11, try Hyper-V. It isn't a "full" VM (It is a hypervisor, instead) like VMWare or VirtualBox, but that's actually kind of a good thing -- it is a bit closer to the hardware so you're likely going to get better performance.

Alternatively, you can try VirtualBox (which is free) but there's a good chance that the game won't launch due to VM detection; this can often be overcome but it's not always straight forward exactly what you need to change. One thing you'd need to do is change what hardware is reported as; for example, by default your video card is reported as something like "VirtualBox Graphics Driver", and you'll want to swap that out for a real GPU's name. If I remember correctly, this can be done with a bit of registry hacking (see below link on VMWare as this is still relevant here).

If you have VMWare available, I did some tinkering with that years ago as well. Take a look at this: ... box#p59949

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