MicroMacro 1.04.157 stable

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MicroMacro 1.04.157 stable

#1 Post by Administrator » Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:01 pm

Just committed the last few changes and uploaded the latest binary. You can find the package on the MicroMacro download page.

Full changelog is as follows:

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  * validWindow() will now accept a nil value but always return false in this case.
  * getFilePath() will no longer return "./" if in the CWD; it will instead return an empty string.
  * Fixed a bug with createThread() that caused passed variables to not be properly forwarded to the thread's function.
  * Fixed a minor bug that kept the keyboard module on the stack after loading.
  * Improved the speed of memoryReadString*() functions by using cached reading.
  * Changed how settings from the config.lua file are handled internally.
  * pixelSearch() now accepts (x2,y2) to be less than (x1,y1) to search from right-to-left and bottom-to-top.
  * pixelSearch() is also much faster.
  * Fixed a bug with setConsoleAttributes() that would cause it to fail in certain instances when switching to a larger buffer.
  * Improved the speed of getHwnd() by combining the "old" and "new" method.
  * Added optional config variable scriptsDirectory to set the default directory to run scripts from.
  * New application icon.
  * Changed the display format of beta revisions to a more standardized system (ie. 1.03.02).
  * Merged sw and priority libs into lib.lua.
  * Moved printf() and sprintf() into cli module.
  * table.contains() will now also return the index of the first match it finds.
  * showWindow() now uses async calls to prevent blocking when used on a crashed window.
  * When passing sw.restore to showWindow(), it will no longer force windowing of maximized background windows.
  * Added functions getOpenFileName() and getSaveFileName() to display the standard GUI file selection dialogs.
  * When no script is entered (press ENTER at script prompt), the open file dialog is shown to select a script to run.
  * Fixed a (very) minor bug with the close button (X) callback.
  * Providing full paths to scripts should now work properly.
  * More buffer overflow and memory leak fixes.
  * include() can now return multiple variables.

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