How to: Healing Yourself With The Bot (Examples)

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Re: How to: Healing Yourself With The Bot (Examples)

#21 Post by mrsmith1986 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:15 pm

lisa wrote:Have a look in the default.xml in profiles folder, it has this

Code: Select all

		<option name="USE_PHIRIUS_POTION"	value="false" /> 		<!-- false | true if you want to use the Phirus Potions -->
		<option name="PHIRIUS_MP_LOW"		value="40" />
		<option name="PHIRIUS_HP_LOW"		value="40" />
If you don't have that in your profile just add it in, obviously change the values, so set it to true. and adjust the % when you want to use the potions
ty very much i haven't see before in default.xml and now i have see there is this option, thanks a lot for help lisa.

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