[Tutorial] Finding Addresses with Cheat Engine

You can find tutorials and ask questions about memory editing here. You may also post any game-specific information you find (ie. cheat tables or addresses).
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[Tutorial] Finding Addresses with Cheat Engine

#1 Post by Administrator » Sat Jul 31, 2021 1:41 pm

Guided Hacking on Youtube has been putting up some great tutorial videos recently, and I thought I'd share.

These are the exact same steps I use quite regularly and I have frequently got questions on how to find various things; if you follow these tutorials, you'll be able to find just about any address in most games.

How to set up Cheat Engine:

Data Types:

Finding Known values (Such as HP/MP numbers, money, etc.)

Finding Unknown / Elusive Addresses (such as health/stamina bars, x/y/z positions, etc.):

Finding Pointers:

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