[Tutorial]Finding addresses with ArtMoney (Exact values)

You can find tutorials and ask questions about memory editing here. You may also post any game-specific information you find (ie. cheat tables or addresses).
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[Tutorial]Finding addresses with ArtMoney (Exact values)

#1 Post by Administrator » Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:55 am

In this tutorial, I'll be using Fiesta as an example. We'll be searching for the address which holds how much HP your character has. Typically in online games, you can change this value on your client, but it will not reflect on the server and so is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Step 1:
So, once you've got the game open (in this case, Fiesta Online), use the Select Process area to select the game you want to search in. This typically will be the window title. Since Fiesta's title is FiestaOnline, we select FiestaOnline.
Step 2:
The next step is starting the search. We want to search for how much HP we have. In this example, the character has 364 HP, so that's what we search as. Click the Search button in the top left of ArtMoney, and make sure you are doing an Exact Value search with the value = your HP. The type is an integer (whole numbers), however some other data (such as attack speed) might use a float or double (numbers that include a decimal point). The address range is typically going to be All. If you don't know what the address range is all about, you don't need it. Click OK, and be patient. Sometimes this can take awhile to search.
Step 3:
Next we need to get into a fight or do anything that will change the value of our HP. Now that the HP is lower (or increased), we can filter our results. Our new HP value is 322, so we will plug that into our filter. Click the Filter button, and change the value. Click OK, and wait for it to finish.
You may need to repeat step 3 many times. Keep repeating it till you only have a few results left (5 or less is good).

Step 4:
Now that you've filtered out the results and you have only the good stuff left, you can move the address(es) over to the right by selecting them and clicking the red arrow (the green one moves all addresses, the red one moves just the selected ones). You can try changing the values of these now (right click->edit them in the right table) to see if it changes the values in game to make sure you have the right address. If it does, you've found it.

Using these basic steps, you can find any numeric address such as max health, mana, money, attack speed & damage, etc.. You can now use the addresses that you find with ArtMoney in MicroMacro scripts.

Some games use static addresses, and others dynamic. Fiesta uses static for just about everything. The difference is that static pointers stay the same every time you open the game, and dynamic addresses change every time. In order to battle having to re-find dynamic addresses every time you open your game, you can use pointers and offsets.

*Note that Fiesta uses XTrap and you must get the XTrap bypass before you can search for addresses.

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Re: [Tutorial]Finding addresses with ArtMoney (Exact values)

#2 Post by jskyb » Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:30 am

I don't know why you post this turorial since whatever values you chage in the online game only effect on your own computer, the sever don't accept. For example, i change HP value to 5555, and freeze the value, but my character still die easily. Another example is money, yes, u can change the money ONLY in your own computer, when u buy item, u can't make deal , because i dont' have enougn money...........................................
ArtMoney is NOT for online game....................................................

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Re: [Tutorial]Finding addresses with ArtMoney (Exact values)

#3 Post by Administrator » Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:39 pm

ArtMoney is used to find memory locations for online games, not modify them. MicroMacro needs to know where to find the variables in order to make use of them. Look at the Perfect World bot, for example...it uses pure memory reading/writing in order to target and attack monsters, use HP/MP potions at the appropriate times, etc.

Not everything is server sided, either. Many online games that make use of varied attack speed may be exploitable. By modifying certain values, you can, in fact, cause your character to attack much faster.

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