Where to get ArtMoney

You can find tutorials and ask questions about memory editing here. You may also post any game-specific information you find (ie. cheat tables or addresses).
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Where to get ArtMoney

#1 Post by Administrator » Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:11 pm

ArtMoney can be found on http://www.artmoney.ru and http://www.systemsoftlab.com/
ArtMoney also allows you to use Spyware Process Detector to open processes that may be protected by GameGuard, Hack Shield, or other protection softwares.

You may download either the freeware version, or the professional version. ArtMoney has many extra, advanced features which may only be only available in the professional version.

Also see PermEdit: http://solarimpact.servegame.com/phpBB3 ... hp?f=9&t=6

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