Turkey Frag Fest..

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Turkey Frag Fest..

#1 Post by beanybabe » Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:54 pm

Thanksgiving holiday, of many, but not all, and the near extermination of turkeys everywhere.
You may remember turkeys they are pretty like a peacock the wild ones are with wonderful tail feathers nice coloring they look so cool crossing a field, there cackle is delightful to hear in the mid day.
Not all is shiny and in turkey land, they dread that day, the turkey frag fest day they lay down there lives to fill boats with gravy and be served with muffins and cranberries.
There delightfully browned and crispy carcasses slain and seared in flame slathered in butter and tossed on a platter for all to gaze upon. No more beautiful feathers, no midday cackles just lovely juicy, very sensory overloading taste and scents. Laying to rest on the field of platters and plated in its golden glory the last moments it has any resemblance to it living self it lays surrounded by forks knives spoons all posed for the final assault.
The turkeys last stand beware even as it lays there all innocent looking it still can get you back make sure to chew well and check for toxins they might still get the lat frag.

Hope you survive the fragfest.

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Re: Turkey Frag Fest..

#2 Post by Administrator » Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:46 pm

What the fuck did I just read?

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Turkey Frag Fest

#3 Post by FrankWhids » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:21 am

Any of you guys patterned a Benelli M2 Super 90?

What choke and what turkey load worked best for you?

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