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Heart of Thornes and Season 3

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:15 pm
by BlubBlab
Okay my first post after a longer time , I wanted to make a post about HoT when it came out/I bought it but I didn't know what to say.
Mainly because of mixed impressions.

HoT pushed the game from the explore side more to hard content and raids.

First what is new with HoT you got 4 new maps and extra 2 with Season 3 now.
What also new is that you can glide which is bound to a mastery system which is also new.
Masterypoints can be found like the old heropoints but also for chests and achievements the system is split between the new maps and the old maps for different new abilities.(e.g in the old content you can learn autoloot map wide). You need also to learn those abilities XP.

With HoT also came the first raid to GW 2 , legendary weapons and bags.
In general you can't compare the old content to the new the maps are a lot harder and you need often groups to survive in it and the last maps dragons resistance from the old HoT is completely group only. Sry I meant zerg only you run this map uselessly with 150 people with 3x 50er groups with a 2 hour time limit.

The story of HoT is relative short in compare to the rest before, Season 3 has 2 episodes and I think 8 missions roughly until now.

The raids I mentioned are groups of 10 people content it is just one which is located in the first new map of HoT I wasn't in there but I hear it is super duper hard like castle Grafu's last boss in ROM

The other thing you could do which I didn't know about and was already part of the old Gw 2 content are fractals(I hope I write them correct in english)
a 5er party 10 different mini dungeons on 10 different difficult levels. One point of it is: It is the main way to make gold in GW 2 you can easily make 10-20 gold with it in a day.

The system has multiply twist to it so you can't simply run level 100 on the first day LOL. Mainly you need at the above level 20 increasingly agony resistance which means you need purple equip which has slots for this (there a few exceptions). You need also level you fractal level which allow you to enter fractals.(the highest in your group count anyway). You can a lot of crazy thing to ring so they have 3 slots in the end.

The 2 new maps which came with Season 3 the first is similar hard the second is easier the main point of them is they simplify grinding for some stuff like karma also you can earn there ring, earrings and necklaces and bags which are purple from which you can choose the stats including the new HoT stats like yassith(viper)

Next comes legendary armor for all grind crazy people. In general an MMO without grind seems to be no MMO.

Re: Heart of Thornes and Season 3

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:58 pm
by BlubBlab
With episode 3 came a new map in short the recipes are cool the mechanics are bad and no meta boss and a lot of missing infos, story is okay.(we play with the dragon baby)
What I really want to show is this:

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