Black Desert

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Black Desert

#1 Post by kenzu38 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:48 am

Black Desert Official Site
Black Desert Gameplay

Just wanted to let people know about this game. I've been anticipating it since last year. It kinda has an Archeage feel to it. Pity Archeage launch was disappointing but I'm optimistic that this game will not follow the same path.

The projected NA release date is late 2015 to early 2016 but I think that's an optimistic estimate. I wouldn't be surprised if the release is pushed back as late as Q3 2016 or maybe even later.

Anyway, for those who can spare a few bucks on a good VPN, you can already try this game out this early by playing the JP version which is a few big patches behind the KR version.

If you wanna try the JP version, just google the instructions online. There's already a pretty decent-sized English community on reddit and they have the links for the english patch. Just a heads up though, I think foreign players are normally not allowed to play so be careful.

As for me, I choose not to play until they patch to a more up-to-date version with more classes available. But for those itching to have a new game to play, then it's not a bad idea to try it now.

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Re: Black Desert

#2 Post by BlubBlab » Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:54 am

I hear about that game a lot but in which way is it better than ArcheAge ? I don't want to sound too negative but ArcheAge biggest problem was and is not the start of the servers. Its problem is that with the Open PvP where you can lose stuff and the limited number of places for your house/farm it is/was a niece product for western market on top of that the IS is pretty p2win and like ROM the publisher you have in front of you can't change a thing in the game and so on.

In the end most players expected something different from a game where you have a subscription and where you can farm like Minicraft(not all but those who didn't, stayed at the end)

So the question is in how far is BD different from ArcheAge ?
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Re: Black Desert

#3 Post by kenzu38 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:34 am

BlubBlab wrote:So the question is in how far is BD different from ArcheAge ?
Not by a lot. Especially if you played ArcheAge, you probably won't find anything new. They look the same, I mean the theme is the same, medieval. So to me the character designs seem so similar. Those who played both games already mostly tell people that most stuff in ArcheAge is implemented more in-depth in Black Desert. Except for naval battles or anything relating to the seas which they concede ArcheAge does better.
BlubBlab wrote:Its problem is that with the Open PvP where you can lose stuff
It's the same in Black Desert, they said it is to give players the thrill of venturing outside safe areas. So they implement penalties of losing stuff when you get killed. Last time I checked though, the penalty for PKing is pretty harsh so I guess it balances out.
BlubBlab wrote:the limited number of places for your house/farm
The original plan with Black Desert is like ArcheAge's uninstanced housing but they changed it back to instanced housing. Though it's a great idea, I think it really just doesn't work practically and just breeds player grief instead of fun with all the competition to get land.
BlubBlab wrote:the IS is pretty p2win and like ROM the publisher you have in front of you can't change a thing in the game and so on
In Black Desert, the current financial strategy is earning through costumes. This is pretty much like US Tera. Not blatant, indirect p2w.

Biggest question mark I have of this game though is how they decided to battle botting. There's NO WAY to TRADE at all between characters. All trades are done by auction. I love me some characters so this is pretty hard for me and don't know if I can adjust well with this system. But nothing's really set in stone, they can still change this any moment when they feel it's unpopular in the west and so right now I'm just looking forward to play the game and just try to cope up with it when it comes.

Anyway, it seems Daum (publisher) is getting ready in Europe. And English client development seems to be going well. So I'm just gonna wait on that.

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Re: Black Desert

#4 Post by nightclaw » Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:28 pm

LOVE THIS GAME its better then Archeage do the companys behind it really do care about you and AA they really just looking at bottom line + its be droping in players do all F ups they been doing .... BDO is way better looking way way more to do over all and pvp is crazy fast

so ya if we get MM in it let me know i love help test it out

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Re: Black Desert

#5 Post by Seagraves » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:10 pm

Kakao certainly doesn't care about the players. They're trying to milk the game as much as they can, without going full blown pay2win. They're dancing around it. However, BDO is an amazing game despite that. Unlike anything else out there right now.

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