help getting dds

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help getting dds

#1 Post by notknowingguy » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:57 am

Hello i hope there is someone here that could help with this im building an addon that use the Skill icons instead of skill table but i would need help to try get the skill names faster so thats why im asking here

i have made a function that use checkactionicons to get the info but its to slow to basicly sit there manual typing everything down so

what i need help with if someone knows were to finde the skill names + icons paths faster. or can mayby create something that use the function checkaction icons, print it to eiter clipbord or txt or make its own file with the dds + the skill name from inside the game.

or as posted before can guide me to how to finde them faster in other methods.

my idea is to create an offstanding skilltable for the addon to use

Thanks in advance the notknowingguy

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