Leveling project - looking for some ppl

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Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#1 Post by Buh » Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:31 pm

Hey guys

Im thinking about some more leveling wps.
But when i do it alone, its very boring and will take a long time.
If we will find some more ppl then we can split the problem. Everybody make one/two zones and we have enough to make leveling service to 90/95 by rombot^^

So i hope we'd find some ppl


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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#2 Post by Roboethicist » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:50 am

I'm new to this community and don't have much expierence but I love the idea and would be happy to contribute however I can. If we can get enough people for a zone by zone 1-95 leveling script I dare say that would be the most usefull thing on this entire forum.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#3 Post by noobbotter » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:16 pm

This idea has come up several times in the past. Some people have starting doing such projects on their own.

If you're going to take on a project this massive, it would be a good idea to determine upfront what userfunctions will be used and to create specific ways of programming the questing, that way each section built will be similarly programmed to sections created by someone else. Maybe some certain type of templates like: "If the quest is a kill mobs quest, it should be programmed like this: "blah, blah, blah coding" if the quest is to wait for an animation to finish it should be programmed like this: "blah, blah, blah coding", if the quest is to collect items it should be programmed like this: "blah, blah, blah coding", etc...

See what I mean? That way once an effective way to program a certain type of quest is determined, that specific "formula" can be followed for all similar quests. All you'd have to do is plug in waypoints, NPC IDs, item IDs, and quest IDs. But I'd be willing to help.

Also, will the questing be (in the higher zones) main questline quests only? or will it be waypoint files to do every quest minus instances? Is it going to be to level just a single class or will it include class swapping to level up 2 classes all the way up?

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#4 Post by beanybabe » Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:34 pm

I started a thread daily's as functions. I have been working on this but from the view of making the code able to be called from other waypoints. Such as you do mini and then call some daily, my goal is to create a main function that when you call will check your char level and class and if you want xp or just tokens then head off to some quest. I have created borrowed and modified functions of others and got this partly working. I am still looking at ways of determining were you are if you have to restart and need checks for if class swapping you are on right classes.

I had an idea for determining location that was kind of simple. just make some code to look for any npc near you and log its name zone location, then run thru all the areas where quests are and npcs and log them all.

This could then be use to do a check to see you loc if you near one. Then with travelto and adding npc to portal information for quest npcs it would be possible to get from quest to quest. You just always move back to portal then head out again.

Doing this I have discovered other problems of trying to keep the look of your char near realistic as it does the quests. Some of them just are to fast or accurate in movement. It be nice to have a function that can change wp just bit to mix things up random wp is simple way.

Another problem is players in the area. If you come to do a quest and there is a player there I was thinking of a function to determine if to stay or move to different wp. If the player is just sitting in same spot for while then may try change channel or risk doing wp else move to new one. if player is moving wait to see if they leave area.

Another problem is profiles the profile in the bot are not always best for each wp. Creating custom profiles for each class is bad as updates to bot messes them up. Id really like to see the profile part of the bot made more adaptive. this way as a char levels it added new skills automatically any skills that create aggro or do aoe would still need be added in the wp files. And any buffs that are annoying to cast each attack need to be left in manual mode.

The way I do wp is to make the wp into functions this makes it easy to add new quests. this has a problem of loosing the ability to restart a wp from where ever you are though. you would have to return to a known location to start it. This is why I need a way to determining about were you were if you restart and if it cannot locate warn you to move to start point. This really works best for a quest near a portal.
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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#5 Post by Roboethicist » Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:37 pm

The template idea sounds great, and I agree we should all be using the same userfunctions. I don't really know which ones we would need but I'd suggest trying to avoid any kind of hack.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#6 Post by beanybabe » Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:09 pm

I have modded nobbotters and others functions to work in my scheme some. There does not seem to be a perfect one set of functions fit all wp tho. I always seem to have to tweak each wp a little.
If you create and share popular wp this can cause problems. I think it best to only share publicly wp for less popular locations. For less problems leave the fast and easy wp for those that prefer to play hands on.

I started another set of wp that just does one thing it runs turn in daily's that have been pre-gathered. You could then use whole zone wp to run around and gather usable dailys.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#7 Post by beanybabe » Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:26 pm

When it comes to trying to automate ever quest I think that is not best solution. They way I do it is to create wp for specific mobs in areas then if quest needs that mob I just run those little wp. These are also made for card hunting so you can hunt monster cards. I often thought of compiling all these into a folder for others to use. I just did not document them well and some are very crude.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#8 Post by noobbotter » Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:58 pm

Some other difficulties with botting all the way to 95 that I can forsee:

- Are there different quests based on what class is running? I don't know. If so, then that would add some complexity.

- How would you ensure your bot has the ample gear (stats and damage) capable of doing the quests all the way up? Is quest gear you receive sufficient?

- There are quests in the main questline that recommend a group. How do you handle those?

- As Beanybabe mentioned, you'll have to ensure you're leveling skills as you go otherwise it will eventually have a hard time killing mobs.

- Would you be doing a second class at all? A second class will give more skills but currently, it would take a lot of manual intervention to setup the skills in the user profile specifically for the class combo you're going to run.

- You'd have to add regular backpack maintenance functions to keep room in your bags. Probably at least twice per zone you'd want to visit a vendor, sell extra gear, sell old/lower level pots and foods, buy higher pots/foods if needed, same with projectiles if needed, and continue on the way. Also, along the way, the bot is bound to pick up daily quest items that drop from mobs... you'd have to know what they are and be able to drop them... that's an extensive list. Unless there were a way to identify that it's a daily quest item based on information the bot can see (info from memory).

- what about running multiple characters at the same time in party to help it go quicker? Trying to add that capability would bring a whole new set of problems to it. I personally think you'd be better off not doing that just because it would take twice as long to create the proper coding to make it happen.

I think some of the basic userfunctions required would be the travelTo userfunction, maybe the speed userfunction (you could always tweak the speed down just a bit to prevent problems and lessen the chance of getting caught - that's what I do). Not sure what else right now. But I'm sure as you start building the scripts you'd start building a list.

Also, at what level would you want to start it at? Are you talking about starting from level 1? It's fairly easy to manually Tosh Powerlevel a character to 50 (about an hour or less), but there are negatives to doing that too. Whether you powerlevel to 50, or run manually, I think at some point you'd need to have manual intervention to ensure the gear is good enough when it's heading to the weeping coast.

I would recommend going the easiest route first, maybe tackle it in small clumps. There's already some quests for the 3 starting zones. Maybe look at those for starting points and then decide where to go from there and work on a little at a time. If you get multiple people to work on the project, all of you should maybe work in close proximity, like one person working level 10 - 12, one working 12 - 14, one working 14 - 16, one on 16-18, and one 18 - 20. Then once all of you have those parts done, work on ensuring they all connect together well. Then move on to the next set. The trick is knowing what quest you'll be on at what level, and having a flexible way to add XP if you finish the quests for a certain level but haven't leveled up. Something like grabbing one or two non main-questline quests to use as a "if player.Level not >= x level then do these quests". Either that or while programming you manually take count of all the quest XP and be sure that at whatever quest-point, you would have no less than X number of XP and therefor, would have made it to x level. But even then, what if the bot dies and suffers xp loss? you need filler quests for "just in case."

Just some of my thoughts on it. I'm sure there are others our here that wouldn't mind helping out on this project, but like I said, our first goals should be to determine specifics, and then work on those "templates" for the different types of quests, as well as "templates" for backpack management, inventory management, and skill management. I'll be willing to be on the project.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#9 Post by Roboethicist » Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:19 pm

I wasn't expecting the bot to go from 1-95 all without input. I'd suggest having it log out every 10 levels so that you can manually regear it. Also I'm not sure about using the speed userfunction, just because while questing in populated areas it will draw suspicion.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#10 Post by beanybabe » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:35 pm

I know a small project we can tackle that is the pet training boards in class hall.

Trying to level from 50 up would be pretty hard you would need house furniture for xp tp gain and have char sit in house for weeks to build it up. you would need a stash of pre-made weapons tiered up and armor with stats.
Just have all the loot trashed only save any daily items needed for a quest, toss all the armor, runes, ammo and such not needed by the class. It just take to much code and more you run to town to sell more visible you will be.

I would also skip any quests that people use for dailys regular so you avoid chances of conflict.

I thought of making wp that run from portal to portal or zone to zone sort of like travelto but with path set so it could be used to find were you are.

also need paths to mount vendor as not all characters will have mounts.

I say avoid making path that run quest to quest to quest. I prefer each quest alone. I have tried to use some of the all zone wp people created but most fail on some classes.

Problem I run into is I mode quests for some class but forget to make notes of why some changes were made.

I would not put any code for speed() in the wp that usually always messes up if there any small problem.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#11 Post by Buh » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:59 am

Hey and thanks for your meanings about this topic.

I think, you are on a difficult way. In my opinion, we just make waypoints (zone by zone; each waypointfile, one quest in one "zone"-folder) and just like the example from "l1-10" shows.
The other thing is, that IF somebody want to do leveling by rombot, he MUST include a first pimped gear with low stats and for some steps new and good weapons. They arent expensive and it makes it all very much easier(!)
This is a very big project and everyone who will use it, he just want level without having much work with questing.

I dont know, if you understand me, im German and i cannot describe it so well :D
If you have questions, just ask me here.


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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#12 Post by beanybabe » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:20 am

You might be able to make one that skips lots of quests like the coa and xaveria quests. They work but not well for healer or mages unless they have good gear.

I am trying to work on getting some dailys coded in each zone to be used as functions in other wp like what you are thinking.

You seem to explain your idea very well for the language.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#13 Post by Roboethicist » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:05 am

As I envisioned it we would break it into several subscripts based on level. Something like this.
1-10 Human
1-10 Elf
1-10 Dwarf
I would suggest we have it skip dailys, and do enough quests to gain sufficent to attain the max level of the script assuming no dailys and no xp boosts of any kind. This way it works all the time and no just during events. Skipping dailys and leaving them for manual allows for easier calculation of xp needed aswell as reducing risk of being noticed in popular daily areas. I tend to agree with Buh that we should assume that the bot is reasonably well geared for its level. The standard I would use is being able to kill at level elites without being reduced to less than half health. I would skip quests that involve instances or world bosses for obvious reasons. Also I would say this script should focus on leveling primary class. Using dailys and leftover normal quests to level secondary and beyond could be the next step, but lets get the scripts I mentioned above working first. As for class specfic abilites, I would suggest we design the script to work with any primary class without depending on secondary class abilites or elite skills. People who want to can try to modify it to work with secondary classes and elites themelves, but I don't think that should be our focus, at least not for now.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#14 Post by noobbotter » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:37 am

Good points Roboethicist. I agree, focus on single class, assuming appropriate gear for quest levels, skipping all dailies and xp pots. One thing I was thinking about last night was that early on, between levels 1 - 10 or possibly 1 - 20, kills may have an affect on your xp and how early you level so I would recommend that for at least the lower levels, we ensure that the quests alone will give enough to attain the desired level. For example, if at level 4 and there's a quest to kill mobs and gather 5 items, if it takes killing 10 mobs to get the 5 items, you might hit level up earlier than someone else running the script might. At higher levels, kill xp probably won't have much affect.

So, what is out next step? I was actually thinking about how convenient it would be to build out travel formulas for the zones but not sure how practical it would be, especially if we program this appropriately to drop/sell items frequently enough. Regardless, I was looking at how Rock5 built the GotoGuild function using the Dijkstra Algorithm. It would be really cool to be able to use this same formula to map out the zone so the bot could easily find it's way from wherever it is at, to wherever it needs to go (for instance, bags are full, need to sell items, or buy pots or arrows, it can find it's own way to appropriate vendor, get what it needs, and go back to where it was). In fact, was thinking the tables containing nodes could contain NPCs as well as Mob information. Imagine if we mapped out all the zones completely with all travel paths, NPCs, and mobs information. You pick up a quest to kill x MOB, then use the function to go to where that mob is based on the tables. when complete, it go to the quest turn in NPC based on the NPC information in the table. Now I know that later on in upper level main questlines, NPC tend to move around a lot so that wouldn't work there, but in some of the lower areas it could be handy.

For instance, based solely on information and questing path in pioneers colony, the table might look something like this:

Code: Select all

local Nodes = {
	[1]={ Zone=1 , x=-4069 z=-8247, Links={[1]={Num=2},[2]={Num=3},}},
	[2]={ Zone=1 , x=-4045 z=-8278, Links={[1]={Num=1},[2]={Num=3},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110484 , NPCNAME = "Laif Cindai"},}},
	[3]={ Zone=1 , x=-3770 z=-8498, Links={[1]={Num=2},[2]={Num=4},}},
	[4]={ Zone=1 , x=-3701 z=-8673, Links={[1]={Num=3},[2]={Num=5},[3]={Num=7},[4]={Num=8},[5]={Num=20},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110482 , NPCNAME = "Leighton"},}},
	[5]={ Zone=1 , x=-3793 z=-8539, Links={[1]={Num=4},[2]={Num=6},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110658 , NPCNAME = "Mallor"},}},
	[6]={ Zone=1 , x=-3785 z=-8562, Links={[1]={Num=5},[2]={Num=7},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110657 , NPCNAME = "Shamp"},}},
	[7]={ Zone=1 , x=-3778 z=-8640, Links={[1]={Num=6},[2]={Num=4},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110489 , NPCNAME = "Reideen"},}},
	[8]={ Zone=1 , x=-3696 z=-8528, Links={[1]={Num=4},[2]={Num=9},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110583 , NPCNAME = "Pioneers Colony Bulletin Board"},}},
	[9]={ Zone=1 , x=-3668 z=-8608, Links={[1]={Num=8},[2]={Num=10},}},
	[10]={ Zone=1 , x=-3466 z=-8684, Links={[1]={Num=9},[2]={Num=11},[3]={Num=17},}},
	[11]={ Zone=1 , x=-3068 z=-8846, Links={[1]={Num=10},[2]={Num=12},[3]={Num=17},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100052, MOBName = "Fungus", MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[12]={ Zone=1 , x=-3021 z=-8993, Links={[1]={Num=11},[2]={Num=13},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100052, MOBName = "Fungus", MOBLevel = 1, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[13]={ Zone=1 , x=-3034 z=-9131, Links={[1]={Num=12},[2]={Num=14},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100052, MOBName = "Fungus", MOBLevel = 1, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[14]={ Zone=1 , x=-3045 z=-9270, Links={[1]={Num=13},[2]={Num=15},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100052, MOBName = "Fungus", MOBLevel = 1, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[15]={ Zone=1 , x=-3204 z=-9059, Links={[1]={Num=14},[2]={Num=16},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100052, MOBName = "Fungus", MOBLevel = 1, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[16]={ Zone=1 , x=-3166 z=-8983, Links={[1]={Num=15},[2]={Num=17},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100052, MOBName = "Fungus", MOBLevel = 1, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[17]={ Zone=1 , x=-3224 z=-8832, Links={[1]={Num=16},[2]={Num=11},[3]={Num=18},}},
	[18]={ Zone=1 , x=-3313 z=-8755, Links={[1]={Num=17},[2]={Num=19},}},
	[19]={ Zone=1 , x=-3429 z=-8678, Links={[1]={Num=18},[2]={Num=20},}},
	[20]={ Zone=1 , x=-3535 z=-8695, Links={[1]={Num=19},[2]={Num=4},}},
	[21]={ Zone=1 , x=-3727 z=-8678, Links={[1]={Num=20},[2]={Num=22},}},
	[22]={ Zone=1 , x=-3752 z=-8717, Links={[1]={Num=21},[2]={Num=23},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110490 , NPCNAME = "Port"},}},
	[23]={ Zone=1 , x=-3695 z=-8666, Links={[1]={Num=22},[2]={Num=24},}},
	[24]={ Zone=1 , x=-3667 z=-8712, Links={[1]={Num=23},[2]={Num=25},[3]={Num=41},}, NPCs={[1]={NPCID = 110073 , NPCNAME = "Shikha"},}},
	[25]={ Zone=1 , x=-3471 z=-8685, Links={[1]={Num=24},[2]={Num=26},}},
	[26]={ Zone=1 , x=-3286 z=-8774, Links={[1]={Num=25},[2]={Num=27},}},
	[27]={ Zone=1 , x=-3122 z=-8878, Links={[1]={Num=26},[2]={Num=28},}},
	[28]={ Zone=1 , x=-2835 z=-8996, Links={[1]={Num=27},[2]={Num=29},}},
	[29]={ Zone=1 , x=-2551 z=-9057, Links={[1]={Num=28},[2]={Num=30},[3]={Num=37},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[30]={ Zone=1 , x=-2403 z=-9111, Links={[1]={Num=29},[2]={Num=31},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[31]={ Zone=1 , x=-2138 z=-9208, Links={[1]={Num=30},[2]={Num=32},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[32]={ Zone=1 , x=-2047 z=-9258, Links={[1]={Num=31},[2]={Num=33},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[33]={ Zone=1 , x=-2043 z=-9335, Links={[1]={Num=32},[2]={Num=34},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[34]={ Zone=1 , x=-2212 z=-9346, Links={[1]={Num=33},[2]={Num=35},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[35]={ Zone=1 , x=-2290 z=-9382, Links={[1]={Num=34},[2]={Num=36},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[36]={ Zone=1 , x=-2307 z=-9180, Links={[1]={Num=35},[2]={Num=37},}, MOBs={[1]={MOBID = 100054, MOBName = "Wolf", MOBLevel = 2, MOBDifficulty = "Normal"},}},
	[37]={ Zone=1 , x=-2515 z=-9144, Links={[1]={Num=36},[2]={Num=38},[2]={Num=29},}},
	[38]={ Zone=1 , x=-2852 z=-8993, Links={[1]={Num=37},[2]={Num=39},}},
	[39]={ Zone=1 , x=-3154 z=-8839, Links={[1]={Num=38},[2]={Num=40},}},
	[40]={ Zone=1 , x=-3380 z=-8729, Links={[1]={Num=39},[2]={Num=41},}},
	[41]={ Zone=1 , x=-3492 z=-8737, Links={[1]={Num=40},[2]={Num=42},[3]={Num=24},}},
	-- l4t_pioneer wp #20 is where i left off
You'll notice I added "MOBDifficulty" in the table. My thinking there was that if the bot had to figure out how to get somewehre, while figuring out shortest path, it could take into account player level and possible mob level and difficulty (Normal, Elite, or Boss) while figuring out the path.
Now, this isn't a full mapping of every square foot, but if we map enough of a zone to be able to complete all quests we're running in that zone, and be able to travel between NPCs, MOBS, and zones, it might make programming the quests easier. but it would be a lot of work to map it all out. Also, even though I have all this information, I haven't yet tried to figure out how to use any of it, but I know it can be done.

So what do you think? Do we want to work on mappings or just do straight quests like we typically do? If we just do the quests, we'll have to keep eyes on our bags and and stuff and make sure we provide ample visits to needed NPCs.

Also, curious here, has anyone ever created a waypoint script for completing the Tutorial at the beginning? I've never been able to find one for that and it would be nice to have.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#15 Post by noobbotter » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:57 am

Oh, so last night I decided to start at the bottom... new character, quests only. I'm currently using the Elven Quest series, but what I'm going to do is figure out where in the script it reaches level 10 (based solely on Quest XP) and do some edits where after it reaches that point, it breaks off and goes to Varanas. I'm assuming at this point that we will have all the diferent races' lvl 1 - 10 quest series merge at the Varanas snoop at level 10.

Another question I have is, do we want to have the bots doing quests strictly at their level, or do quests 2 levels up from current level? If we keep them doing quests at current level, leveling up might be a little slower but it would help prevent issues of bots not being able to do quests because they hadn't leveled up yet.

Oh, what zones are we going to use to get to level 50? The regular zones are really slow going compared to CoO/Xaviera, but for those, the bot would need primary and secondary at 30/30. What do you guys want to do?

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#16 Post by Roboethicist » Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:13 pm

I like the mapping idea. I imagine it will be worth the effort if we actually plan on completing this project. As for areas, as difficult as it is, I'd say no COO or Xaviera. Not only do they require the a leveled secondary class, they also are far more densly populated than most other zones these days, at least on my server.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#17 Post by noobbotter » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:10 pm

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Using Rock5's GotoGuild userfunction as a starting point and as reference, I've so far been able to create two sub-functions that use the data in the table/array I posted earlier:
- The getPath function can find the shortest path between nodes and then take that path.
- The goToNPC function can be used to locate what node an NPC is at and then call the getPath function to go to the NPC.

Now that I have that worked out, adding a function to find a path to Mobs should be equally easy. One thing I'll have to figure out with mobs is how I can save the list of all nodes containing a certain Mob, then travel among only those nodes until whatever quest is being worked on is complete. But it sounds doable. I should be able to save just those specific nodes into a temporary table and then cycle through the nodes.

I have yet to try to tackle comparing player level to mob level and difficulty of nodes when figuring out a path, but we shouldn't need that until much later. If anything, I could always just add an option where if mob level > player.Level+2 or if mob difficulty ~= "Normal" then avoid that node. That will probably come much later though.

It would sure be nice to be able to write all the leveling scripts in a fashion like this:

Code: Select all

	player:target_NPC(110484); -- Laif Cindai
	AcceptQuestByName(420660) -- Report In
	player:target_NPC(110482); -- Leighton
	CompleteQuestByName(420660) -- Report In
	AcceptQuestByName(420661) -- Claiming Weapons
	player:target_NPC(110658); -- Mallor
	CompleteQuestByName(420661) -- Claiming Weapons
	AcceptQuestByName(420662) -- Claiming Armor
	player:target_NPC(110657); -- Shamp
	CompleteQuestByName(420662) -- Claiming Armor
	AcceptQuestByName(420663) -- Claim Your Potions
	player:target_NPC(110489); -- Reideen
	CompleteQuestByName(420663) -- Claim Your Potions
	AcceptQuestByName(420665) -- Complete Preparations
	player:target_NPC(110482); -- Leighton
	CompleteQuestByName(420665) -- Complete Preparations
	AcceptQuestByName(420712) -- Posting Quests
	AcceptQuestByName(420666) -- Testing Your Skills
	player:target_NPC(110583); -- Pioneers Colony Bulletin Board
	CompleteQuestByName(420712) -- Posting Quests
	inventory:useItem(201704); yrest(2000); -- Open Weapon Gift Bag
	inventory:useItem(201705); yrest(2000); -- Open Armor Gift Bag
	inventory:useItem(201706); yrest(2000); -- Open Potion Gift Bag
	inventory:useItem(203343); yrest(2000); -- Open Supply Kit (Roping quest reward)
	inventory:useItem(221536); -- Open Metal Ring (Roping quest reward)
	inventory:useItem(221537); yrest(2000); -- Open Metal Ring (Roping quest reward)
	inventory:useItem(210511); -- Arm- Fine Axe
	inventory:useItem(210512); -- Arm- Excellent Small Dagger
	inventory:useItem(210513); -- Arm- Fine Dagger
	inventory:useItem(210514); -- Arm- Fine Stort Staff
	inventory:useItem(210515); -- Arm- Fine Wand
	inventory:useItem(210516); -- Arm- Fine Long Sword
	inventory:useItem(209577); -- Mysterious Runic Scroll
	inventory:useItem(221581); -- Wear- Superior Leather Armor (warrior scout)
	inventory:useItem(221582); -- Wear- Superior Traveling Dress (cloth scout)
	inventory:useItem(221583); -- Wear- Superior Coat (cloth rogue)
	inventory:useItem(221584); -- Wear- Superior Robe (cloth mage)
	inventory:useItem(221585); -- Wear- Superior Traveling Robe (cloth priest)
	inventory:useItem(221586); -- Wear- Superior Chaincoat (chain knight)
In fact if we get this going, we could even create a modified createwaypoint script that could take advantage of this. click on an NPC and select the option for "GoTo this NPC", then select the option for accepting a quest. Then go to where the mobs are that you need to kill and select one of the mobs and select the option for "Kill these Mobs". Then it can ask "How Many?" and you type in 10 or 5 or whatever. Then you go to the turn in NPC and again select "GoTo this NPC", then select the option to turn in quest, etc., etc... Would make building the scripts a lot faster.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#18 Post by noobbotter » Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:42 pm

I've now got a NodeMapper function that works similar to the createwaypoints function. I have where it I can mark a location as a node, select an NPC, Object, or Mob and add them to the node, and save the node to a text file. Each successive node I create will be numbered and it creates it in the correct format for my table...

Now if only there were an easy way to be able to figure out neighboring nodes. If there was a way to mark a location in-game with a number and see it from in-game, that would be awesome, but I don't know of a way to do that. It's going to be pretty tough to be able to map this out and know which nodes are what numbers, where they are, and what other nodes they can connect to. I'm open to any ideas at this point. Best I can think of is to use the map picture as a background in powerpoint, and manually aproximate each node location on the map as I create them.

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#19 Post by sauhard » Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:45 am

I would like to add Bill D cat's work which will help you with some amount of less work to do ;P

This one if for heffner and xaviera.

Code: Select all

Sascilla Steppes

Code: Select all


Elven island all zone quests

Code: Select all


Yrvandis hollows all zone quest

Code: Select all


Howling mountains all quest

Code: Select all


Credits: Bill D cat it's all his work i am just reposting it for reference
Satisfaction is the end of desire!!

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Re: Leveling project - looking for some ppl

#20 Post by Grass » Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:32 am

Maybe you can sreen print your map at every nodes and photoshop it. That way you can mark exact location of the nods.

Also I think it is better to work only on the big chain quest starting in dalanis, and maybe to break the bot in zones subfiles than lvls subfiles.
I can't imagine the size of lvl 86/95 file.

I can help you guys marking nods on a map.

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