Neural Network library

Posted 2018-02-17 01:25:57 by elverion

Today I pushed up some fixes for the Neural Network library that will be included with future versions of MicroMacro. You can find the files for that in the Git repo if you would like to experiment, though it is quite rudimentary and only supports back propagation type machine learning. You can find documentation for it on the wiki.

What this could be used for, I'll admit I have only have vague ideas. I suppose for those MMO bots, a neural network could be used to select the best course of action (attack, defend, run away, heal, etc.) during combat, or perhaps can be used in combination with path finding to "learn" how to deal with various obstacles; all kinds of interesting topics that will need to be explored.

For now, I've only been able to use it for small scale tests; my larger (and therefor more interesting) test didn't pan out too well. I guess optical character recognition (OCR) was a bit too complicated. Or perhaps it was an issue with how I was trying to feed data into it. Or extract results from it..

Anyways, I'll need to find a better way to demo this library for you guys. Be sure to check back occasionally to see if there's any news to report on that front.

Website updates - 1/7/2018

Posted 2018-01-07 21:41:28 by elverion

Sorry about the website being unavailable for so long. Some much needed updates were installed during the down-time. Everything should be back up and running smoothly now.